The 'Echo Dot' is a Tiny Version of Amazon's Original 'Echo'

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: amazon & fastcompany
After the successful launch of the 'Echo,' Amazon is now offering a smaller version of the voice-controlled home assistant. Much like its original device, Amazon's newest product takes the advantages of personal assistant functionality out of the smartphone and turns it into a handy home application.

The Echo Dot is a voice-activated system powered by Amazon's Alexa platform. To use the device, users simply vocalize a wake-up command and then ask the device to perform the desired action. The device is equipped with microphone array technology that is able to pick up on specific voice commands even when there is a lot of ambient noise in a space. The new device is largely intended to be used as a portable, secondary device by those who already own the Echo.

The Echo Dot demonstrates the growing demand for smart phone products, particularly those equipped with voice interaction.