This Dolmio Experiment Tests Children Who are Fixated on Technology

 - Sep 9, 2016
References: prexamples
Dolmio is a maker of pasta sauces that often conveys the importance of spending technology-free quality time with family in its marketing, particularly around the dinner table.

In the past, Dolmio created the 'Pepper Hacker,' or a device disguised as a pepper mill that's capable of cutting a Wi-Fi connection to redirect attention away from devices at the dinner table and back to the people that surround it.

'The Look Up Experiment' by Dolmio is a new take on this concept that depicts several young children sitting at the dinner table who are unable to look away from the screen of phones and tablets. In the background, the families make a number of swaps, so that by the time the child looks up, they are in a completely different environment and surrounded by strangers that are oddly dressed in the same outfits as their family members. Shortly after this, the families reveal the prank by coming out of hiding from the next room.