The Dollar Bill Art Features Some of the Most Recognizable Faces in Pop Culture

 - Dec 3, 2012
References: holykaw.alltop & technabob
Though it may be illegal to defame U.S currency, the alterations made on the Dollar Bill Art are so good that it really shouldn't matter; after all, it's nice to spice up legal tender that have been exactly the same for decades.

The artist has swapped the usual American historical figures and took a more playful perspective to commemorate such recognizable faces as the Oompa Loompa, Ronald McDonald and even Jesus himself. The amazing part about these recreations is how seamlessly the designer was able to integrate the new characters into the bills. Beside the bill amount, each has been given its own name to pay tribute to some of the best known characters in pop culture history.

The bills may no longer be legal tender but the Dollar Bill Art is most definitely a piece of art, which may in fact be worth more then the money it was drawn on.