Sex Shop Offers Free Incognito Glasses

 - Nov 1, 2007
References: directdaily.blogspot
Customers of Beate Uhse Sexshops are given free incognito glasses so they can conceal their identities and return to the streets worry-free.

The giveaways which look like censor strips protect the buyer’s identity from public scrutiny.  This is great for celebrities who want to purchase naughty items without ending up in the next day’s tabloids.  Or maybe not.  While it may the hide the real color of the eyes or eyebrow shape of the buying individual, the glasses may attract more attention and reveal where he’d been shopping and what has been keeping him busy.

The incognito glasses is an ad campaign of Beate Uhse Sexshops as it claims to be "The discrete Sexshop".  I’d say if they really want to be discrete maybe they should add a free cape next time.