Cyrano is a Scent Speaker That Plays Smells Like a Musical Playlist

 - Apr 29, 2016
References: onotes & mashable
This digital scent platform uses a "scent speaker" to emit fragrance similarly to how a music player projects songs. From Vapor Communications, Cyrano is also a scent-based messenger app that allows users to share their smell playlists from their smartphones.

Described as a "jukebox for scents" by Mashable, the sensory system uses interchangeable capsules to produce pleasant odors. The Cyrano speaker releases oNotes, or olfactory notes, which are digitally designed scents intended to affect moods. Their Natural Moods cartridge set makes you experience specific feelings, like relaxation. The playlist-like tracks dispel different digital scent combinations which can be smelled in sequence or on their own to produce a particular emotional state. Given that smell is tied to memory, this is a powerful way to change your space.