These Eerie Digital Character Illustrations Will Frighten Some

There’s something super creepy yet riveting about the ‘Sweet Children and Imaginary Friends’ collection of digital character illustrations by Shinbone Creative.

"We have a particular fondness for slightly "off" children, having been slightly off children ourselves. This set of images explores the relationship between kids and their grotesque, beastly, imaginary friends," says the team behind the digital illustrations at Shinbone Creative.

No longer will we be able to think of our imaginary childhood friends as cute or fluffy. With the digital character illustrations collection of creepy kids and their beastly imaginary friends, we get to see what it looks like inside imaginative kids’ heads when it comes to picking their imaginary friends. 

Known for its awesome digital illustrations, Shinbone Creative produces digital character designs for clients, which include Blizzard Entertainment, Toy Punks and Reckless Toys.

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