Dewshine is Now Being Offered as a Craft Version of Mountain Dew

 - Mar 11, 2015
References: theimpulsivebuy & brandeating
Dewshine is a new offering from Mountain Dew that presents its soda like something more of the artisan craft variety. Described as a "clear citrus-flavored dew," this drink is sweetened with real cane sugar in place of high fructose corn syrup, which has come into the spotlight as quite a nasty ingredient to be drinking. As well as doing away with a sugar replacement, the Mountain Dew drink is also free of its trademark green coloring.

Playing on the way Mountain Dew's name ties into slang for brewing moonshine alcohol, the drink is being branded with a style that references the charm of the past. Dewshine comes in packs of four clear bottles that show off the citrusy craft soda inside.