This Deutscher Tierschutz Message is Gory and True

 - Feb 1, 2011   Updated: Jul 14 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
Advertising agency Fresse and Wolff in Oldenburg, Germany nailed the Deutscher Tierschutz ad in the head with its gory and effective message regarding animal rights. All four pictures represent a horrific aspect that face many wild and domestic animals, such as: skinning, castrating, testing and branding.

The Deutscher Tierschutz campaign will draw attention with its in-your-face nudity, violent approach and powerful implications that hopes to one day end animal abuse.

Implications - This kind of ad campaign is a bold but bright move for a company like Fresse and Wolff. The general public is used to PSAs and other not-for-profit opinion advertising that skirts around the issues and doesn't horrifically or clearly show the public the damage caused by offending parties. By making a point to show the gory truth, Deutscher Tierschutz catches the eyes of the public with cold, hard reality.