Spanish Hotel Lets You Break Stuff

 - Aug 8, 2007   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: travelnoe
A hip spanish hotel, the NH Alcala, invited patrons to destroy their hotel rooms! The hotel was already destined for demolition but instead of paying pros to knock down the hotel, they let patrons pay to do the work for them Very nice.

For the right price, the lucky patrons were able to relieve their stress by knocking down walls, smashing tvs, messing up mirrors and breaking anything in their site.

Implications - This is one of the strangest but most intriguing forms of unconventional therapy in my mind. Is this something people have always fantasized about doing? The aura I get from the contest and its winner is that the answer is yes. I long to do it too, but not at a hotel. How about at an ex's place? I think that'd be more fun for everyone.

Nevertheless, these 30 "highly stressed out people" were granted a unique prize, here's to hoping they appreciated it.