This Contraption is Used to Prevent Dryness in Its Immediate Area

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: yankodesign
This desk humidifier can work to increase slightly moisture in the air that surrounds it.

Called the 'Watercone', the cone-shaped device is well-suited for desks but can be placed on any hard surface based on where the user is. Humidifiers can be important in reducing mild dehydration-related health issues such as tired eyes, nosebleeds and dry or cracked skin and this contraption makes the access to hydrate the air easier for users. The desk humidifier can sit on work desks, side tables and even in cars in order to ensure that the air contains an adequate amount of water.

This device would be especially useful for people who live in areas in which cold weather exacerbates problems relating to dryness.