Designaffairs 'AIDvertisement' Aims to Provide World Relief

 - Oct 12, 2010
References: studioblog.designaffairs
With only a few of the world's population attempting to send relief and goods to Third World countries, Designaffairs' 'AIDvertisement' aims to provide as much help, but with a difference. Online auctions would be produced and should an item be bid at a higher price, the difference of from the initial price to the end price would directly go to the cause. In addition, the winner of that auction will pay an extra 10% and has liberty to brand the products if needed.

What this ensures are two things: directly sending financial aid to necessary causes and more public interaction. Designaffairs 'AIDvertisement' is a creative and effective way to ensure finances are sent and relief is provided. For more information on how you can help, please visit the provided links.