Students from Lima & Zurich Build a Woven Structure in Peru

 - Feb 25, 2019
References: dezeen
This desert pavilion is situated in Pachacamac, Peru and it covers a total of 600 hectares of land.

The structure — simply dubbed 'Pachacamac,' is designed by Studio Tom Emerson which operates under the Swiss university of ETH Zurich and Taller 5 which is an extension of Lima's Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. The desert pavilion has been designed with function in mind. It is there to assist and provide shade for an archeological dig that spans 40 kilometers. The desert pavilion boasts walls made from bamboo cane, as well as a white woven canopy which provides the workers with the shade they need. The flooring is made with adobe bricks.

Photo Credits: Géraldine Recker, Philip Shelley