This Artist Defaced Money to Create a Collection of Artworks

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: & hypebeast
Art director and designer Marcus Kraft defaced money to created a unique collection of artworks. The artist used $100 bills to create interesting pieces of art, which have been placed into a scrapbook.

The artist used real bills and expressed himself artistically by drawing images and graphic designs. Each defaced money canvas features a different piece of artwork from phrases such as "I'm a piece of paper" to images of iconic superheroes like Batman.

The collection is titled 'Money for Nothing.' The entire art series has been complied into a book format, which was book published by Zurich-based Hakuin Verlag. While the book notes that "any tampering of federal notes is liable for prosecution and can lead to imprisonment for up to 20 years; the project thus inquires upon the value of money with whimsical messaging."