This Photo Project Casts a Critical Eye on Consumer Packaging

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: johnsonbanks & wallpaper
Design agency Johnson Banks' photo project 'How Packaging Works' highlights the often deceptive packaging practices found in many consumer products.

These photos shed to light the often deceiving nature of many packaged products that the public is sold, and how corporate disinformation can also be extremely wasteful as well. Shot on brightly colorful backgrounds, each photo lays out packaging next to its contents to help communicate just how different the actual sizing can be from one to the other.

To finish off the project, the team decided to photograph an example of a perfect piece of natural packaging - - a banana. Design agency founder Michael Johnson sums up the simple brilliance of the banana, stating that "the skin is only fractionally larger than the product itself, and it even incorporates an inbuilt colour mechanism to let you know when it's under-ripe and over-ripe. Genius."