Uses the Devil to Sell

 - Dec 30, 2008
References: stopgoodtv & adsoftheworld
The Cesario Migliozzi ad agency from Los Angeles, CA, created a deceptive campaign for the newly launched Christian cable television network, NET NY. The anti-campaign, ‘StopGoodTV’, uses the devil for their spokesperson to get viewers to petition against ‘good’ television with the outcome being that the public heads over to a Holy website which lists its Christian programming.

The following greeting appears at  "Join me, my minions, to maintain all that is bad.  Keep television mindless. Plots dull and recycled. Music videos offensive. Together we can save our filthy tv." A message encouraging readers not to tune into NET NY ensues.

At the website, you can interact with the devil and shop for devilish ‘StopGoodTV’ laden merchandise

In my opinion, the ‘StopGoodTV’ campaign, though sinfully deceptive, is brilliant; lure people into going to the website with a fun devilish character and sinful message which then takes them to a site filled with godly goodness.  The ad worked to get my clueless rear-end to NET NY website, though I left immediately upon arrival.