Star Wars Death Star Destroys Enterprise from Star Trek in San Fran

 - Jul 13, 2009   Updated: Aug 4 2011
References: current & twitter
This video proves that if the Star Wars Death Star and the Star Trek Enterprise faced off in an epic showdown on Earth, the Death Star destroys the Enterprise from Star Trek every time.

The caption that accompanies this video from Current cheekily adds that military action was authorized after the Enterprise ignored an ultimatum to stop whale poaching. Check out the video above to watch as the Death Star destroys the Enterprise.

Implications - One of the most effective ways a company can earn consumer goodwill points through their marketing is by featuring advertising that either explicitly or subtly references a retro pop culture trope. By connecting consumers to the halcyon days of their youth, the company shows it has a sense of humor, and can connect with an audience based on a mutual, childhood love.