Models Fall Victim To Anorexia Trying To Slim Down

With another model dead from complications likely caused by anorexia, pressure is being put on the fashion industry to set minimum weight limits, in the cutthroat world of modeling.

The most recent death of a runway model followed a mere six months after her own sister dropped dead during a fashion show from a heart attack induced by anorexia.

We’ve reported on this before because anorexia just isn’t cool and it isn’t right that we keep seeing this stuff.  It was great when fashion designers issued weight guidelines just before NY fashion week.  But the regulations need to be global.  Earlier this year, Trend Hunter reported on Brazil’s 4th anorexic death, all driven by the obsession with thin.

Of course, with little concern for the health of their models, a spokesman on behalf of the British Fashion Council underlined the attitude that propogates the mentality behind these needless deaths when he insisted that weight "regulation is neither desirable nor enforceable"

Do these models look hot?  I don’t know how designers could assume that anorexic bodies can sell clothing.