- Mar 17, 2011
References: & dailymail
The National Trust has seen a rise in visitors over the past year and has done a bit of digging into Brits holidaying habits as a result. They've found a new trend - the daycation.

As two-week holidays are down by 20 per cent, the research showed a rise in people taking multiple single days off work instead. The daycation.

The rise of the daycation has been put down to being more financially viable, offering a wider variety of "holidays" and the inability for Brits to switch off from work.

As a nation of workaholics daycations are giving us the opportunity to relax for the day, de-stress, enjoy time away from our desks and mentally refresh.

The top daycation spots have been outlined by the Daily Mail - although I'm sure the rest of the nation has their own ideas about their favourite locations.