Nocturnamal is a Stunning Depiction of Dark Mysterious Pictures

 - Jul 21, 2013
References: hautemacabre
Every so often there is a piece of work that is nearly impossible to forget, and Nocturnamal is an amazing take on dark mysterious pictures.

Vizoli uses an unusual technique on her pictures; there is a definite antique feel, but the focus of the photos still seem modern. It is the cross between the old and new that adds an eerie feeling to the pictures. Also, the subjects of the photos are intrinsically strange. They appear to be some type of creature, all differing in degrees of strangeness, culminating at the end image with a devil-inspired creature. Even amongst all this dark mysterious pictures, there still appears to be an innocence to these creatures, and that is what makes this series so haunting. Vizoli proves that photography doesn't need to have a full human subject in order to form a connection with it.