The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App Will Make You a Part of the Film

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: designtaxi
The creators of The Dark Knight Rises have outdone themselves again and created an app called 'The Dark Knight Rises Z+.' The free app from iTunes builds a Dark Knight soundtrack for your life.

It uses Hans Zimmer's music, the artist behind the soundtrack for the movie. Based on what is going on around you, the app picks up the sounds and puts on a suitable song to fit that environment.

It doesn't only put on music though, it also uses sounds and voices from the movie. I'm sure many would be a little concerned about where they were if Bane's voice came over their speakers.

On Design Taxi, Zimmer is quoted saying, "This new app allows users to be part of the film in a way that goes beyond the movie screen -- it’s the difference between looking at a photo of a river, and being able to drop your hand over the side of the boat and feel the currents of the water tug as the river takes you on a journey."

Just hop in your Batmobile, turn the app on and enjoy the ride.