Daniel Schwartz Creates Fiber Pieces That are Mesmerizing

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: danielevanschwartz & etsy
Daniel Schwartz creates highly original pieces out fiber. His pieces are mesmerizingly intricate representations of internal organs created from yarn.

Never learning to crochet properly, Daniel Schwartz has developed a technique over the years that he now refers to as "no-chet." These phenomenal pieces are available for purchase through Schwartz's Etsy, but just like real internal organs, they will not come cheap. This is an artist creating some marvelous work.

Implications - Youth consumers are attracted to conspicuous irony as a form of humor. By using yarn to create internal organs Daniel Schwartz makes the unfamiliar (internal organs) seem familiar and comfortable by creating them out of yarn. Companies should consider using ironic humor in order to attract this demographic group.