Daniel Sax Uses Ira Glass's Words to Inspire Artists

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: vimeo & underconsideration
Daniel Sax is a German based artist, cinematographer and the creative eye behind The Gap.

The Gap is an informative typographical video with a voice over by Ira Glass. Any artist or remotely creative person has at some point reached a moment where they feel that they can't go on. Either creatively or personally, they may feel that this is the end and that it is time to give up on our projects. This video promotes people to continue to work hard to achieve their goals.

Artist Daniel Sax made this video not only for himself as a means of motivation, but also for anyone else who has ever doubted their creative career. Glass's message isn't only intended for the creative community; it speaks to anyone who is willing to improve any aspect of their life.