Dangerous Things Offers Affordable Implant-Embedding Kits

 - Apr 12, 2017
References: cyberise.me
Dangerous Things is a startup founded by Amal Graffstra that offers microchips in order to enhance the capabilities of human beings.

As biohacking has increasingly become an area of interest in health and tech industries, startups like Dangerous Things are stepping ahead of the game to offer consumers those enhanced capabilities in an accessible way. The company sells embedding kits at a reasonable price, and has so far sold approximately 15,000 of these kits. The microchips can currently unlock homes, start their cars and store their ID, while in the future Graffstra hopes to incorporate "tap and pay" and health monitoring features.

Dangerous Things' implantable microchips are able to offer enhanced capabilities and open the door for many other potential health and convenience-related innovations.