Male Manga Fans Love Dakimakura 'Hugging Pillows'

 - Sep 12, 2009
References: nytimes & weirdasianews
Let’s face it—there’s nothing like a little 2-D love to crank your personal life up a notch, and these Dakimakura ‘hugging pillows’ are sure to fit the bill. These printed pillowcases are being used by Japanese men for companionship—more like a beloved friend than a naughty toy.

Men who own Dakimakura hugging pillows treat them with the same respect they would a real-life girlfriend. They take their dolls out on dates and even embark on lavish vacations with them. "Of course she’s my girlfriend," a man named Nisan told Lisa Katayama of the New York Times for a piece the newspaper published in July. "I have real feelings for her." Nisan continues on to say in the interview that he even takes care to avoid touching the private parts of his Dakimakura hugging pillow, Nemu, when he tucks her in at night.

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