V-Boy & V-Girl

 - Mar 10, 2008
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Ladies, are you tired of searching for that perfect man? Instead of just settling for someone to ease the sting of loneliness, protect your heart and preserve your dignity and scoop up a sexy V-Boy instead. (Oh yeah, and guys, there's V-Girl.com for you.)

There are five virtual boyfriends to choose from, but all are so darn adorable, it's hard to make the final selection (of course, you could just date them all!) Baxter, Jackie, Kai, Rex and Skylar will woo you and treat you just the way every man should... and why not let them until the perfect real life prince charming comes along?

Personally, I'd go for Kai Sato. He's a 23-year old venture capitalist and his hobbies are "managing his fortune" and "inventing new products." He is 6 feet tall, weighs 170 lbs and looks pretty darn cute.

Then again, it would be hard to stay faithful to that V-Boy when I know a sexy thing like Rex Jett is on the scene. He's a hunky firefighter and has the type of bod that would make any woman feel protected: 6'4 and 210lb. He's a cancer so he's sensitive, but he's motivated too; he lives by the motto, "Failure is not an option."

Check out the rest of the V-Boys to find your ideal virtual man. You can take him everywhere with you (all you need is a 2.75G/EDGE or 3G handset),
he's "portable eye candy," you can interact in over 30 games and other "interactions," listen to their secrets and among other things, you guys get your own virtual pet!