This Dairy-Free Chocolate Supports Animal Rescue Charities

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: rescuechocolate
With an increasing number of options for vegans on the market, it's no longer a struggle to find dark dairy-free chocolate. However, white vegan chocolate is much harder to come by, since natural cacao is not easily lightened.

Rescue Chocolate is a brand that sells chocolate for humans and supports animal rescue charities each month. Its newest creation is 'Like White,' a collection of vegan-friendly chocolate bars that are made with a base of chia seeds, nuts, vanilla bean powder and cacao butter. In comparison to traditional white chocolate, the treats are reportedly extremely smooth and soft with a strong nut butter taste. As well as being less sugary than many mainstream chocolates, these ones are also loaded with good-for-you calcium, fiber and protein.

The three Like White chocolates come in flavorful varieties like Cookies 'n Cream, Fancy Fruit, which includes raisin pieces, as well as Crunch, which is embedded with small bits of quinoa.