Too Much Traffic Crashes Servers

 - Aug 4, 2007
References: telegraph
A new image of a PhotoShop enhancement of Da Vinci's Last Supper has been circling the web, its hidden image raising controversial opinions are the world.

Who cares, Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code are old news, it's not a trend anymore, is it?

Apparently it is, according to the servers that crashed after receiving a bombardment of traffic, which included,, and

The image in question was manipulated by Slavisa Pesci and shows a hidden figure of a woman holding a child. By layering the original with its mirror image and then making both layers somewhat transparant, Pesci made a miraculous discovery that conspiracy theorists the world over and claiming could be a hidden image of Mary Magdelene.

The Daily Telegraph reported, "Mr Pesci also claims that the superimposed image shows a goblet in front of Jesus Christ - perhaps a depiction of his blessing of bread and wine - and transforms two of the people sitting at the table into knights."