Cynthia Stenquit Custom Cross-Stitches a Full-Length Beard

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: etsy
Cynthia Stenquist is the clever creator of these bearded crocheted crafts. Stenquist has a whole range of beards and custom styles made available through her Etsy account. She markets her beards for young and old alike; they are perfect for those who cannot grow the amount of beard necessary to match these furry beards.

The crocheted bears are created from acrylic boucle yarn in is available in shade of tan, brown and white. They are handmade and therefore can be ordered to fit your exact measurements and can be customized to fit your color, size and length needs. These dramatic beards by Cynthia Stenquist would be great accessories for a Halloween outfit or just for play around the house. Now who wouldn't want a viking or Gandalf beard to play with all day?