Ruiner is a Narrative-Driven Cyberpunk Game That Takes Place in 2091

 - May 7, 2016
References: ruinergame & theverge
Polish designers from the 'Reikon' team have created a cyberpunk game titled 'Ruiner.' Using a dark anime influence that has garnered it comparisons to the popular 'Ghost in the Shell', Ruiner's narrative-driven plot makes it a compelling edition to the shooter genre. The bleak, futuristic setting includes a heaven, hell and purgatory, with the city of Rengkok being the latter. With the city controlled by a domineering capitalist system, the enlightened protagonist fights against his trapped reality.

With challenging missions and never ending violence in the desolate dystopia, developers have included a "Tourist Mode." This will allow gamers who are frustrated with not being able to complete a mission to take a break and explore the intricate city. The game's use of detailed 3D graphics make it a standout amongst competitors. Although the cyberpunk game has a strong narrative element, the Reikon team includes as little text as possible to allow for smoother advancement, letting the game "speak for itself."