Secret Saving Happy Pills Help You Pass Notes

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: aliexpress & etsy
Remember the old days of passing notes in class on torn up lined paper or in the corners of your notebooks? Remember the sheer terror of having you teacher ask you what you were writing? Luckily there is an actual (cute) pill cure for that.

On the outside, these 2 cm-tall pills are cute, colorful and happy. You would never guess they have a secret. Uncap these cuties and you won’t find your mother’s Prozac, you’ll find a piece of perfectly rolled-up paper. On this paper you can write a note, roll it back up, place it back in the pill and send it on its merry way to one of your confidants.

The little pills come in different colors, but all have an ecstatic expression of joy on them. At $13.20 CAD for a two-week supply, the possibilities are endless. You can pass notes with your friends, confess your secret love, send party invites, or even anonymously tell that girl in your class that she needs to do something about her breath. With such a cute medium, she won’t be too upset about the message!