Oculuste Allows Users to Intermix Different Lenses and Arms

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
There is certainly no shortage of sunglasses on the market, but Oculuste enables users to get a custom sunglasses design thats inherently easy to change up when desired. With a number of different styles to choose from, the Oculuste sunglasses are capable of being customized with different lenses and arms that allow the entire feel of the sunglasses to be switched up whenever.

Funding now on Kickstarter, Oculuste sunglasses focus on delivering a pair of sunglasses that can be easily changed to help users keep less without sacrificing on style. Different lenses, frames and temples can be switched out with the custom sunglasses to go from professional, to casual in just a few simple steps. The various parts of Oculuste sunglasses are designed to be easy to change up yet sturdy enough to ensure stability.