CUPCO Crafts Bizarre Mannequin Heads with Street Art Flair

 - Apr 11, 2012
References: & brwnpaperbag
It’s hard to describe these CUPCO sculptures as anything but "troll totem poles." Stacking absurd mannequin heads with Spock-like ears onto one another, these freaky fabric creations sure are fascinating to look at. Their bizarre aesthetic shows glimpses of street art DNA and the eclectic pairings of seemingly random things makes for a collection that’s provocative and visually appealing.

CUPCO is comprised of two members: artist Luke Temby and his wife Mayumi Temby. The project was conceived on the streets of Tokyo, but is currently headquartered in Sydney Australia. The pair produces a wide range of objects that satirize all facets of modern society in an idiosyncratic manner. They boast that they’ve already made over 500 quirky dolls and over 5000 free stickers to populate the world with CUPCO’s ideals and art.