Finless Foods is Making Cultured Meats from Fish Stem Cells

 - May 19, 2017
References: finlessfoods & vegnews
Finless Foods is a company that is experimenting with the creation of cultured meats using fish stem cells. As it says: "we envision a future where fish meat for human consumption is grown outside of whole fish."

By creating lab-grown fish, Finless Foods is developing an economical, environmentally friendly and considerate alternative to seafood that is farmed commercially. As well as leaving the fish in the ocean undisturbed by eating this lab-grown fish, consumers will appreciate knowing that the cultured meat from Finless Foods will not contain any mercury. In terms of taste, Finless Food claims that its products will have the look and taste of fish, and inedible parts like scales and bones will simply not be produced.

Like Finless Foods, other companies like Memphis Meats are also experimenting with the creation of lab-grown meats and have already successfully made cultured chicken and meatballs.