The CrossBell Fitness System Offers Four Workouts in One

 - Jun 26, 2013
References: crossbellfitness & coolthings
Hitting a plateau when trying get into or maintain a healthy workout routine can leave you feeling stuck, which is where the CrossBell fitness system can look to effectively break through monotony and keep you moving.

Looking, feeling and working like a standard dumbbell, the CrossBell can be used in-hand to do a variety of workouts. However, the CrossBell is able to adapt easily to be used as a barbell, kettlebell and even a piece of resistance equipment; simply attach the portable bar or to a cable resistance system to do so.

Instead of being one set weight, the CrossBell is filled with water to help incrementally build up resistance and continue to get heavier as muscle is strengthened. This ensures that hitting a plateau or getting bored of your workout regime is a thing of the past.