The Crescent Windshell is Subtle in Daylight and Bright at Night

 - May 4, 2013
References: kickstarter & tuvie
Many cyclists do care about how they look and often op out of purchasing flashier jackets, even if they guarantee superior visibility after sunset. The Crescent Windshell is wonderfully unoffensive and would certainly appeal to those bikers who appreciate a much more subtle sporty style.

Designed by Lunis Reflective, this windbreaker is made in a weather-resistant material that's remarkably lightweight. The fine fabric can be folded or scrunched up into a tiny pouch and kept in your pocket when it's not needed. Made in a universally-flattering black, the Crescent Windshell is patterned with a repeated T-shaped motif that's applied in a highly reflective silver. The design is barely visible during the day but, after dark, it's discernible from quite a distance away.