This Creative Office Space Double as Functional Workplaces

 - Sep 30, 2015
Creative office spaces are becoming more than just places to work -- they are becoming inspiring spaces in their own right, often housing art and other collections. Take Cape Town-based ad agency Radar as an example. Radar's staff works from a renovated 19th century button factory that is now dedicated to creativity. Around and in amongst the employee's desks is an extensive collection of mid-century furniture and contemporary South African art.

The art collection spans three floors, each with a distinct theme. The first floor contains abstract work and portraits from Black Koki, Christo Basson, Zander Blom and Andresj Urbanski. The second floor contains more emotive works from artists including Khaya Witbooi , Wesley van Eeden and Cameron Platter, as well as a Boeta Phyff sculpture. The top floor presents artwork that uses text and typography as a visual language, with work from Neill Wright and a series of prints by AM I COLLECTIVE in collaboration with Warren Editions.

The aim behind all of this is to not only celebrate creativity, but also to inspire it. This is exemplified by an in-house exhibition space which allows the employees to showcase and exhibit their own art and creative work,