HuskMitNavn Captures the World Through His Creative Cartoons

 - Feb 28, 2013
References: booooooom
This hilarious series of creative cartoons by HuskMitNavn displays the quirky characteristics of humanity. What is perhaps the most impressive part of these images is the instantly relatable and humor he is able to exude with minimal drawings and short quotes.

His drawing style is pleasantly comical, which only adds to the humor. Some of the themes that he captures in his creative cartoons are irony, role-reversal and self-deprecation. I especially enjoy the image which is suggested to be the back of his head and contains the phrase, "my good angle." His modesty comes as humorous to say the least and this joke along with many others of his can be added to one’s repertoire.

HuskMitNavn has been well-received by the public and is known for his art along with t-shirts.