Poptea's Creamy Drinks Combine Fruit and Tea with Fresh Cream

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: popteacambodia
Poptea Cambodia is a tea and dessert shop that knows the importance of serving refreshing, creamy drinks in a hot country. In addition to serving many beverages that are blended with cooling dairy ingredients like yogurt and milk, Poptea takes it a step further with a range of drinks made with fresh cream.

Fresh cream floats to the top of drinks that are blended with fruits like mango and strawberry, as well as chocolate and a variety of tea types like oolong, black and green. As listed on its website, Poptea's Chocolate Fresh Cream drink is the most popular product.

After a base drink flavor has been chosen, Poptea lets customers tailor a beverage to suit their individual tastes by adding toppings like aloe vera, tapioca and jellies, plus the desired amount of honey as a sweetener.