This Stunning Cottage Accommodations is Apart of a College Campus

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: hga & contemporist
HGA Architects was tapped by Vermont's Marlboro College to build cottage accommodations among the campus's greenery. The charming and picturesque cottages appear nondescript from the outside, but open inside to reveal a sprawling interior that feels like a clubhouse.

Built to accommodate Marlboro College's seven-week music summer festival, the five buildings is made from timber, giving it both charisma and warmth. The College's summer festival is an immersive arts program that sees master classical musicians collaborate with young musician hopefuls during the seven-week duration.

The idyllic cottage accommodations are located on a 15-acre property adjacent to campus and will house the program's senior musicians. The fives cottages on the stunning property are inspired by the rustic and nautical charm of Cape Cod.