Fiat 500 and Collistar Have Created an Italy-Honoring Cosmetic Line

Italian labels Fiat 500 and Collistar have come together to create a cosmetic line that honors both of their Sicilian aesthetics.

Titled 'Ti Amo 500,' this cosmetic line was designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 season and is set to release in February 2016. Launching in over 30 countries, this interesting makeup kit will include blush, eyeshadow and a highlighter. In addition to the aforementioned products, the Ti Amo 500 will also include two kits in coral and pink, which will feature the famed Collistar strobing kit as well as a highlighting technique to give the face that dewy, shimmery look that became so popular last season.

This limited-edition cosmetic line will also come with a mini Fiat 500 model, which will make an adorable addition to any vanity.