Miguel Arraiz García and David Moreno Terrón Create an Eco

 - May 10, 2013
References: bipolaire.net & urdesign.it
When most people think of outdoor pavilions, the last thing that probably comes to mind is anything like this pop-up, corrugated cardboard garden created by David Moreno Terrón and Miguel Arraiz García.

That's because outdoor displays like this are synonymous with lush greenery and extravagant displays of architectural finesse. Well architect Miguel Arraiz García of the Bipolaire Arquitectos firm and David Moreno Terrón of the Pink Intruder collective are trying to change this perception with their wonderful and carefully crafted corrugated cardboard garden.

Created for a the "Fallas" festival, Terrón and García's structure stood tall in Valencia during March. Constructed out of 3000 cardboard boxes, the lower part of this structure features boxes specially filled with soil in order to anchor this lightweight creation. Said to have been made to represent a "a cave, a refuge," this corrugated cardboard garden is an eco-friendly piece of architectural art.