The Solar-Powered Spanish Pavilion is a Truly Remarkable Structure

 - Mar 1, 2011
References: fmangado & designboom
Francisco “Patxi” Mangado's solar-powered Spanish Pavilion is an incredibly artistic architectural achievement that also boasts a veritable host of eco-conscious innovations in its design.

Designed and built for the Zaragoza World Expo, the solar-powered Spanish Pavillion was built largely from locally sourced materials. Furthermore, it also houses a state-of-the-art rainwater recycling system and a massive solar panel array on its roof.

Despite its impressive active eco mechanisms, however, it is ironically the solar-powered Spanish Pavilion's passive design features that are the most outwardly obvious. In fact, the entire pavilion is surrounded on all sides by a massive ceramic forest facade that helps keep it cool and shaded even when the suns heat is bearing directly down upon it. Because of this, the structure is currently being prepared to house Spain's National Renewable Energy Center.Photo Credits: designboom, fmangado