Cooking with Christopher Walken is a Crazy Culinary Experience

 - Oct 7, 2012
References: funnyordie
Meal time has never been more hilariously weird than Cooking with Chistopher Walken.

In a video uploaded on Funny or Die, Christopher Walken invites his good friend, actor and comedian Richard Belzer (Law and Order SVU), to come to his kitchen and help him cook a delicious chicken dinner -- for some reason, there are also two models wearing black leotards in attendance, which just adds to the zany experience.

As they begin their culinary journey, Walken and Belzer drive to a local market. While there, the two enjoy some in-store entertainment as they peruse the store looking for all the fixings required to make their special chicken dish.

Arriving back home after a brief detour to the local petting zoo, Walken immediately preps the bird for the oven while Belzer makes a delightful fresh salad. Once everything's ready, the pair sit down to a healthy home cooked meal with the two models and have a stimulating conversation about jet packs and pancakes.

Cooking with Christopher Walken pure Walken entertainment and definitely makes of a fun-filled cooking experience.