Tompkins Square Bagels Now Offers Cookie Dough Cream Cheese

With edible cookie dough quickly becoming a popular treat among millennials, it seems only natural that Cookie Dough Cream Cheese is now available. Created by Christopher Pugliese of Tompkins Square Bagels, the ultra-sweet spread is a delicious way to turn an ordinary bagel into a tasty dessert.

Tompkins Square Bagels' Cookie Dough Cream Cheese is a new offering that was inspired by Pugliese's own guilty pleasure. He explains that when he and his business partner were first building the store, they would stay up "until two or three in the morning, sitting on the floor, covered in dust, eating cookie dough straight out of the tube." As a result, Pugliese dreamed up Cookie Dough Cream Cheese, which is just one of 30 unusual cream cheese flavors that Tompkins Square Bagels offers.

With hunks of real cookie dough and chocolate chips mixed with silky smooth cream cheese, the spread is a delicious way to kick an ordinary bagel up a notch.