The Cook Gant Rugger Blog is Curated by Christopher Bastin

The 'Cook Gant Rugger' blog is expertly curated by the brand's creative director Christopher Bastin. Bastin is the mastermind behind the label's cuisine-inspired Fall/Winter 2012 collection, and he has here listed the very dishes that pique his now public taste buds.

Succulent lamb burgers with caramelized red onions are displayed on the site next to creamy vats of muscles. Readers of Cook Gant Rugger are also invited to submit their favorite recipes, and depending on Bastin's response, he may very well publish them in the upcoming Gant Rugger cookbook.

The About section sets up the relationship between the dishes and the apparel, "To me, food and fashion has a lot in common." The entry goes on to compare the skill of a chef with that of a clothier, an association that has certainly been made in the past.