Convoluted Corrosion Imagines the Organic Growth of the Future City

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
While contemplating the Convoluted Corrosion project, one must consider it in the conceptual sense. You will not see the familiar roads and highrises of the world's contemporary metropolises, but instead an all-consuming coral-like structure.

Designers Sebastian Bialkowski, Ana Stefanovic, Xintian Li, Andrew Mogylnyi, Mahmoud el Hakim and Claudia Stoica collaborated on this fantastical simulation of the evolution of the urban environment. It is based on the notion that society and its artificial surroundings will come to behave more and more like an expanding and changing organism that is constantly undergoing a quickening cycle of producing and consuming.

Convoluted Corrosion actually imagines how Maribor, Slovenia might look one hundred years in the future. It anticipates the swallowing up of suburban settlements and the increasing population in the city's complex core.