foodora Makes Its Convenient Food Delivery Even More Innovative

 - Jul 16, 2018
References: alexa.foodora
Previously allowing consumers to track their orders via Amazon Alexa, foodora once again revolutionalizes its convenient food delivery service as it allows individuals to place full orders with the smart device. The high-tech aspect of the endeavor is geared toward providing consumers with a more efficient and easy-to-use interface. Since nine million units of Alexa were globally sold in the first quarter of 2018, the initative also benefits from the assistant's popularity.

The new voice-ordering feature is launched just in time for Amazon Prime Day. Consumers can enable it in the smart speaker's app and enter their foodora credentials, address and payment information. They can then enjoy the even more convenient food delivery service by referring to restaurants by name or repeating "usual orders," "orders from last Thursday," a specific date and so on.