'Contouring Climatic Porosity' is an Exercise in Architectural Biomimicry

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: wustl.edu & suckerpunchdaily
Wandering through the circuiting corridors that make up the 'Contouring Climatic Porosity' project, you might feel as though you're contained within the magnified walls of a cell membrane. The organically arranged building is defined by perforated cladding that serves practical functions learned from nature.

Nash Waters' environmental laboratory proposal was inspired by the very site on which it's intended to stand. The designer looked to the native lichen and other plant species around the grounds in order to devise a way to generate architecture like a living organism. The whitewashed skin of 'Contouring Climatic Porosity' is treated to repetitive abstract openings that gradually vary in size according to placement. Taking the sun's position and breezes into account, these permeable walls facilitate the admission of daylight and fresh air for ventilation.