Conor Harrington Blends Artistic Mediums to Portray Bold Masculinity

Multitalented artist Conor Harrington channels a unique artistic style that blends multiple artistic styles and genres to create complex, powerful and abstract imagery. The Irish native's style is rooted in his love for graffiti, a medium which won his affection at the age of 12 and has since inspired the majority of his work. His training in fine art plays with this love, which results in these intricate and energetic works which are obscure and enrapturing.

Using materials from spray paint to oil brush and even charcoal and pencil, Harrington's unique paintings are rooted in themes of militarism, masculinity and power. Some more concrete than others, each uses color and opposing elements to create the air of intensity that surrounds them.

Implications - The various artistic mediums that exist offer a variety of styles which appeal to different types of consumers. Art that blurs the boundaries between genres and incorporates elements of each of these styles will appeal to the broadest base of consumers who are intrigued by the lack of classification and limitlessness these artists represent.