This Family Home is Comprised of Two Connected Structures

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: alts-design & dezeen
The Japanese firm 'Alts Design Office' recently unveiled a unique family home made up of two connected structures. Japan is known for its cramped living quarters, which means that residents often lack basic privacy. This unusual home features some spaces that are private and others that facilitate friendly neighborhood interactions.

The 'Maibara House' is a family home located in Shiga, Japan. The house is comprised of two connected structures that serve distinct purposes. The primary building is a large structure with a windowless wall facing the street. This building is designed to provide privacy for the family. However, the windowless building is connected to a small timber pavilion that serves as a communal living space. Unlike the main building, the small pavilion can be completely opened up and viewed by neighbors.

The Maibara House demonstrates how architects can balance the competing needs for privacy and community.